German Title: Augen zu – Short Film – 10 m‘ – in postproduction

An evening in a strictly conservative German family in 1999. 7-year-old Lilith and her 10-year-old sister Medea secretly watch TV, when they get caught and severely punished by their mother. Moments later, in the bathroom, the sisters begin to fight. Their conflict turns physical, they’re wrestling and struggling – until Lilith shoves her sister with such force, she is heavily injured. Her fear for Medea mixes with the fear of punishment by their mother. Medea, torn between the desire for parental care and the responsibility to protect her little sister from these very parents, makes her decision in silence.

The short film drama, dealing with domestic violence, sisterhood and loyalty, was written, directed and produced by Victoria Koberstein and once again captured by Director of Photography Makito Kumazawa (HFF Munich). It was funded by HessenFilm&Media and is set to be released early this summer.

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