February 9th, 2024

It’s a wrap – the film shoot of „Apostel“

The film shoot of the new STEINWARM production „Apostel“ (formerly working title „Es war eine schöne Zeit“) has successfully come to an end after 9 days of shooting. The short film drama set in the late 60s tells the story of 7-year-old Frank, who has to hide out from his father on Christmas Eve.

© Maximilian Muselmann

The film delves into the father-son relationship within a church-religious family context, portraying the father, a priest by profession, and the relationship to his wife and children.

© Maximilian Muselmann

It explores questions of justice, courage and cowardice, anger and forgiveness, preached and lived faith. The short film drama scrutinizes the ethical values of a „moralizer,“ which have become a topic of discussion, especially since the revealed scandals in the Catholic Church.

© Maximilian Muselmann

Shot on the new Arri Alexa 35, once again with cinematographer and close associate Makito Kumazawa, the filming took place in Vellmar and Trendelburg, Hesse. Consisting of long term collaborators as set designer Kim J. Schölch and costume designer Julia Gens – as well as new creatives like steadicam-operator Chris Werner and executive producer Nayra Wagner – the 25-member crew managed to realize church service scenes with a great number of extras alongside intimate, truthful images with the 6-year-old lead-actor Daan Bremmer.

The film was funded by Hessen Film & Medien and is currently being edited by filmmaker and dramaturgic advisor Niklas Seehausen.

© Maximilian Muselmann

October 21st, 2023

Hessischer Film- & Kinopreis – Hessian Film & Television Award

As the STEINWARM productions „Augen zu“ (EN: Closed Eyes) and „Apostel“ are funded by the Hessian Federal Film Board „Hessen Film & Medien“, director and producer Victoria Koberstein had the honor to attend the Hessian Film- and Television Award at the historical Opera House in Frankfurt. The renowned award ceremony was attended by numerous established as well as upcoming filmmakers and industry professionals – and provided a unique opportunity for networking and collaboration. Alongside the powerful laudatory speeches by Thomas Mauch or Enissa Amani, the event was evocative and thought-provoking, underscoring the significance of narratives often overlooked. We are humbled to be part of an event that celebrates the art of storytelling and reminds us of its profound impact on society.

© Kimia Eyzad Panah

September 3rd, 2024

„Square One“ Festival Run

With its narrative, short-film-like production, the music video „Square One“ is striving on Festival Tour – as it was made for the theatre screen. It premiered internationally at the Bogotá Music Video Festival in Colombia and continued with two screenings in the United Kingdom: at the Director Talents Movie Awards as well as the UK Animation & Music Video Festival, both taking place in London.


Winning the award for „Best Female Director“ at the Prague Music Video Awards, „Square One“ continued its European Festival Tour at one of the most renowned festivals in the Czech Republic. With more festivals coming up, the whole team, as well as the band KAMANKO, is excited to reach an even broader audience in cinemas all around the world.

June 4th, 2023

Homerun: „Square One“ live Music Video Premiere in Kassel

„Square One“, the third part of the KAMANKO music video trilogy premiered live at Kulturzentrum Schlachthof on May 20th 2023 in our hometown Kassel. The screening consisted of all three videos, „Breeze“, „Drive“ and „Square One“, inviting the audience to 20 minutes of cinema experience before the band’s big release show. Besides the overwhelming applause and feedback, a large part of the crew was present and got to see the result of their hard work and commitment – and celebrate it together.


To round things up, several dancers presented contemporary live performances while KAMANKO performed the songs „Drive“ and „Square One“, making the evening an interdisciplinary cultural event.

The music video had its online premiere one day later, on May 21th, and is now available via Vimeo – while being prepared for a film festival tour.

May 7th, 2022

„Best Documentary“ at Tonnau Short Film Fest in Wales, UK

„Patrycia“ won the award for „Best Documentary“ at the Tonnau Short Film Festival in Aberystwyth, Wales. The screening, being the UK premiere of the film, took place at Aberystwyth Arts Centre Cinema and was followed by a Q&A and talks with audience members as well as fellow filmmakers. The awards ceremony was accompanied by another screening program and gave room for more conversation and valuable feedback from international filmmakers, including the festival judge, filmmaker Greg Bevan, who appreciated the film for its hybrid nature and observational way of filmmaking.

©Victoria Koberstein

November 7th, 2021

German Festival Premiere at the 20th FILMZ – Festival of German Cinema

© Victoria Koberstein

„Patrycia“ celebrated its cinema premiere at the historical arthouse „Capitol“ in Mainz in front of a large audience. After a long time of online film festivals and on-demand streaming, the film could finally be watched on the big screen, together with others: friends, industry professionals and festival visitors.

The crew was interviewed for the festival’s talk show format „FILM TALK“, now available on YouTube via the FILMZ channel.

December 14th, 2019

BREEZE goes Austin, Texas

„BREEZE“ was selected to be screened at the Austin Music Video Festival, the world’s largest festival for music videos in Austin, Texas. It was nominated for the Overachiever Award and screened at the Alamo cinema „Ritz“ in Austins vibrant and diverse city center.

© Victoria Koberstein

The festival week in Austin enabled us to connect with other filmmakers and musicians, plan further international collaborations and dive into Austins colorful artistic diversity.

© 2024 Steinwarm

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