Short Film – ca. 15 m‘ – German

Winter 1967. Seven-year-old Frank grows up with two siblings as the son of a priest in a strict religious family. The upbringing is harsh, and the father’s authority determines the family’s life.

After a morning service on December 24th, as the family’s Christmas tree falls over, the search for the culprit begins. However, no one admits to seeing anything – and young Frank is missing.

A cat-and-mouse-chase ensues between the priest and his son.

Frank eventually finds refuge in hiding, protected by his siblings, while his furious father searches the entire house and uses the inhaler of the child suffering from asthma as leverage. Yet, Frank remains hidden, consumed by fear of his father’s punishment, despite the morning sermon about grace and mercy.

In the evening, the table is set for Christmas dinner. The family gathers to eat, including Franks two siblings, his mother, the priest and father Heinz – but Frank is still nowhere to be found. On his empty plate lies the asthma inhaler.

Finally summoning all his courage, Frank chooses an extraordinary moment to confront his father: in the middle of the evening prayer.

The short film „Apostel“ (with the former working title „It was a beautiful Time“) is based on true events and tells a father-son story within a church-religious family context. It delves into questions of justice, courage and cowardice, anger and forgiveness, preached and lived faith.

It was shot within 9 days in the north of Hesse with more than 25 crew members involved, starring actors Jeroen Engelsman, Janine Bossecker, Mark Reingardt, Fleur Bremmer and Daan Bremmer as Frank.

The elaborate project was once again funded by Hessen Film & Medien and is currently in postproduction. It is set to be released in the summer of 2025.

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