L is for Losing

Music Video – 8 m‘ – English

After a robbery at a beverage store, a nearby gas station erupts in flames. Three suspects, who live in a local trailer park, are being interrogated.

During the questioning, the three friends each tell a different story and accuse everybody but themselves. As the interrogation setting shifts, the protagonists dive into their subjective memories, which now barely differ. Here, a truth gradually emerges, revealing the dynamics of their triangle relationship.

The heist-movie-style narrative sheds light on the interpersonal entanglement of the three characters and explores themes such as emotional dependency, unrequited love, deception, friendship, addiction, and the magnitude of wounded feelings.

The fast-paced storytelling immerses us in a hillbilly-type setting, crafted by Kim J. Schölch and underlined by the handheld camera work of cinematographer Makito Kumazawa. Writer and director Victoria Koberstein stepped into the dual role of directing and acting for the first time, portraying one of the three protagonists. STEINWARM served as the executive production company.

The music video for Marilyn Harvest, edited by Anja Pawliczek, was publicized as a double release for the songs ‚Certainty‘ and ‚L is of Losing‘ on May 12, 2023, and is available on YouTube.

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