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After a hit and run car crash, the fleeing driver gets lost in a swampy forest, where he is confronted with figures of his past. He relives episodes of uncertainty, love and detachment – without noticing that not only the car has been following him. His escape turns into a nightmare as he realizes: there’s burdens one can’t flee from.
SQUARE ONE is the third music video for KAMANKO and marks the grand finale of the trilogy consisting of BREEZE, DRIVE and SQUARE ONE. The production picks up previously established themes of gloom, inner conflict and imagination versus reality – while once more telling an interpersonal story through supernatural motives mixed with elements of thriller, horror and film noir.

The ten-member cast expresses deceit, hope, forgiveness, love and revenge through contemporary dance in an infinite-dimensional space.

The video was released on the 21th of May 2023 and is available on Vimeo.

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