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A young woman finds herself in the suite of an abandoned hotel that seems to have fallen out of time. A little box opens up a world between dream and reality, space and time, external control and free will. Her subconscious seems to have company – and it remains unclear whether a dream is really over once we open our eyes.

BREEZE by KAMANKO premiered at the Austin Music Video Festival in Austin, Texas, in December 2019, as an Overachiever Award Nominee.

It won the award for Best International Music Video at the USIC Film Festival in New Delhi, India, and is currently selected as a Finalist for Best Music Video at the LA Festival of Cinema. In fall of 2020, BREEZE won the Motion Picture Film Award for „Best Cinematography“, honoring the Director of Photography, Makito Kumazawa. At the Munich Music Video Awards, Victoria Koberstein was awarded „Best Female Director“.

Director’s Statement

„With this production, my goal was to explore the possibility of escaping oneself by moving from one place to another. I wondered if certain fragments of our subconscious always follow us wherever we go and if it is really possible to leave darker parts of our past behind. I think, experiences – good and bad – that shape us and our character will always catch up to us. If not in reality, they may do in our dreams. 
My feministic points of view also turned out to have influenced this musical film. Not in a finger-wagging kind of way, but more of a perception, a glimpse of what seems like a reality – especially being a female artist working in and living for the production of films and music.“

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