Music Video – 5 m‘ – English

DRIVE is the second music video for KAMANKO. While once again playing with perception and reality, this story follows a young man’s drive through the night. He seems to be chased by someone looking just like himself. As he shakes off his haunter, his confidence grows, causing him to become dangerously unwary. Soon, his follower is back – involuntarily. Who outruns who this time?

DRIVE is now available via Vimeo and YouTube.

Director’s Statement

„Working with musicians, it is really important to me to capture the lyrical as well as personal sense of a song and its artist. The video is a dive into subconscious waters: something is close to the surface but we won’t quite let it come up and breathe, we push it further down instead. But keeping these thoughts and feelings under water for too long will make them jump right out when we least expect it. I used the „Doppelgänger“-motive to visualize this conflict, a conflict that we can’t contend with others, only with ourselves.“

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