Willow’s Lullaby

Music Video – 5 m‘ – English

Caught in a sleep capsule up in space, Willow has a dream about exploring an undiscovered planet.

The music video „Willow’s Lullaby“ for singer-songwriter Mira-Belle Rose was created and directed by Victoria Koberstein. Alongside cinematographer and creative partner Makito Kumazawa as well as costume and set designer Kim Josephine Schölch, STEINWARM officiated as the executive production company for the dreamy, atmospheric and close-to-nature music video, that was shot at the UNESCO world heritage site Cuxhaven on the northern coast of Germany.

At its core, this project explores the profound themes of both the fear and allure inherent in the unknown, as well as the journey of losing and rediscovering one’s connection to oneself in an increasingly estranged world. Moreover, it delves into the stark solitude that often reveals itself in the breathtaking landscapes of untouched nature.

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